Caucasus region, Armenia is a must see country

It is that part of Eastern Europe and Western Asia where it is divided naturally by Caucasus mountains. Together with Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia they border this region. Seeing Yerevan Armenia, I was taken back by time.

Yerevan Armenia
Yerevan Armenia

Yerevan Armenia

Heading to Yerevan was a feast in the eye. If you are a fan of country movies then you will easily notice life was at its slow pace. Peaceful road, old houses, mountains and cold breeze. 

It was indeed a trip of a lifetime. I left Tbilisi early in the morning and crossed the borders to Yerevan. You will see the differences from the Georgia part to Armenia part. Roads are a bit bumpy and Zigzag, You will find animal herds crossing the street, at the same time you will hear country music and will really appreciate nature.

Crossing from Georgia to Armenia

Yerevan Armenia
Marshrutka – Soviet transportation

It took a 4 to 5 hour trip from Georgia to Armenia, including immigration procedure, by the way the border immigration process was so smooth that it took less than 10 minutes only. I am a Philippine passport holder so I am eligible to obtain a visa on arrival. After having stuck it on your passport, proceed to the immigration officer and finally you are in Armenia. Another couple of hours , you will reach Yerevan.

Armenia Overnight

I had only a night to stay in Yerevan, so I decided to stay in a hostel in the city center. After resting for awhile, I decided to roam around the center.

Freedom Square

Yerevan Armenia
Freedom square

First stop was the northern avenue, where I saw Freedom Square. It is a theater complex  which is also known as Liberty square or Opera square. The structure is fascinating. You can take a walk in the park surrounding it, or sit down on benches. Best way was to sit in a restaurant while sipping your coffee or drinking your beer.

You can stroll along the avenue and see the malls and chains of restaurants. You will notice that there are water fountains scattered around every corner of the city, so you don’t have to buy bottled water. Just refill your tumbler.

Central Town Square

Yerevan Armenia
Republic square

Next stop is the Republic  Square, where you can easily see the clock tower which is a must see structure in Yerevan.

History Museum 

Armenian History Museum

Next to it was the Armenian History Museum which I don’t have anything to say cause I did not have the chance to go in. But it was just near the square so go get your chance. It is a research center of Armenia’s history and culture. 

Couchsurfing time

Yerevan Cascade

I managed to meet one of the locals and he gave me a tour to Yerevan Cascade, it was a few minutes walk away from the republic square. You should catch it before sunset to have that magnificent sight of the Pink City, going on top you can use the inside escalator and it was like a mini museum with art sculptures. On top, you will be shocked with wonder at the sight.

Food, Drinks and Nightlife

For dinner you will never go wrong with any restaurants. They have a vibrant nightlife, beer, coffee and music. But Armenia still gives me the feeling like I was taken back by time. I will be coming for sure the next time cause I missed a lot of places. Armenia has to offer more. For you not to miss anything you can click here on  Tripadvisor for things to do.

Have you done the Georgia – Armenia trip? did you enjoy the pink city? Let me know your thoughts below.



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