Most of you know how much I love Turkey. In fact, I have been there on four different trips. Twice, I need to apply through the Turkish embassy in Kuwait and the other two which I got through online. With its diverse culture, long history, and amazing people, Turkey is a must-visit the country. We Filipinos need to apply for a visa prior to arrival, but do you know that you can get Turkish e-visa in three easy steps?

Turkish E-Visa in Three steps

  • Apply
  • Make payment
  • Download

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Step 1. Apply 

Go to the Turkish E-visa application website. And make sure you have your passport beside you so that you can enter your details properly.

Turkish evisa for filipino

Lodge a new application by completing all your details.

The Turkish e-visa is valid for a period of 180 days and you can stay not exceeding 30 days. However, please do note that validity is different from a stay period.

Turkish evisa for filipino

Once you confirm the desired date of travel, tick all the boxes for the prerequisites in order to proceed. Remember that you must possess all the requirements in order to apply for the e-visa. 

In order to qualify for a Turkish E-visa you need to have the following:

  • a valid Philippine passport
  • return ticket or onward travels in addition to $50.00 per day to cover your stay
  • the purpose of travel should be for tourism only.
  • valid supporting documents such as visa or residency from the United States, Schengen countries, UK and Ireland. However, e-visa is unacceptable.

After completing the first step you will then receive an e-mail verification of the transaction.

Step 2. Make the payment

Once you receive the verification mail, double-check the details you entered. You need to do the whole process if there are errors in your application.

Verify the transaction within one hour or else the application will be canceled.

Once verified, it will take you to the payment stage. You can settle the amount through credit card, Alipay, and Knet for those who are living in Kuwait. The cost of the e-visa is $20.00

Upon settling the amount you will receive for an email confirmation you have to wait for your e-visa.

Step 3. Download your e-visa

Unlike visa applications done through the embassy, e-visa does not take long to approve. You will receive an email that your e-visa is ready. 

No hassle. Just download the visa online.

FAQs for Turkish e-visa for Filipinos

  1. Who are eligible for e-visa. A lot of countries can apply for the e-visa including the Philippine passport provided that you have a valid visa or residency from the mentioned countries.
  2. Do I need to show money? It states that you need to have at least $50.. per day to cover your travel expense but in my case, I was not even asked at the immigration, they just stamped the passport directly.
  3. Is there a multi-entry e-visa? There is! Unfortunately, it is not possible for Philippine passport holders. You need to apply for another e-visa if you want to re-enter Turkey. Turkey is a major transit hub in Europe. You can use the same Schengen visa to re-apply for Turkish E-visa


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Turkish e-visa for Filipinos

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Turkish E-visa for Filipinos

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Turkish e-visa for filipino

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There you go! Trust me when I say Turkey is a unique country. You will fall in love with the country just like I did. Have you visited this country? Share your stories below.



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