Crossing out one item from my Bucket List

Hungary was always in my travel bucket list. Last February I got the opportunity to tick out Budapest from my list and spent three wonderful days in this city.

Thtree days in Budapest
Budapest Parliament

Not everything that started bad will end up worst

I took a bus from Prague, Czech Republic to Budapest, Hungary. The trip was smooth. We made a few stops until we reached our final destination. Then I have to take a tram going to the accommodation. 

There is no harm in asking

I spent almost an hour looking for the ticket vendo machine or information desk but to no avail I just decided to hop on the tram. Few minutes later 2 inspectors came to check the ticket, I told them I did not have it and I did not find the vending machine. I tried to put on my genuine Asian smile but still I was fined for 30 Euro. Again guys there is no harm in asking. It was a lesson learned for me.

I then find my way to the hostel and just rest for the night. It is a good hostel. The name was Maverick student lounge. You can check its reviews on Tripadvisor by clicking the link here and you can score irresistible deals from Agoda for you to save more by checking here .

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Budapest city tour

I spent 3 days in Budapest. You can watch the video to see the highlights of my tour.

Be an inspiration

I was roaming around the Budapest Parliament when a lady called me. She was speaking in a different language. I approached her and talked to her in English then I found out that she mistakenly thought I was a fellow Indonesian. She was a Southeast Asian sister. Shirley, not her real name has kids back in Indonesia and at the same time she is doing her Masters degree in Germany.

I chatted with her for a while. I learnt her story. She just took a quick time off from her studies and booked a promotion for 5 country destinations in Europe. She just literally hopped on and hopped off around the continent. What I admire about this lady aside from her dedication in her studies and being a mom at the same time is that she wanted to inspire  young girls back in her country. 

She told me that in her village it is uncommon for a girl to travel abroad alone. That is why she just proved to them that if she can others can do too. She had been to a lot of countries around the Americas and Europe and in Asia too. She is about to finish her studies in Germany and plans to return to Indonesia.

With her stories, She can inspire young girls to aim higher. Finish their schooling and achieve their dreams and goals. 

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Just do whatever makes you happy

On my second day I met an Aussie guy. Let us call him Richard. A year younger than me. We stayed at the same hostel. Went out for dinner and a few drinks. We got few similarities. We’re both introverted and we both experienced living abroad. 

We both tried Goulash, a traditional Hungarian dish. Filipinos if you are familiar with Kaldereta or Menudo it is almost the same. I can’t even tell the difference. We had Palinka too, A kind of Hungarian alcoholic drink. It has a fruity flavor but it is strong.

We then visited 2 bars and just talked like we were long time friends. To be honest I got a lot from this man. At that time I was feeling lost but talking to this guy brings me a sense of direction.

Just do whatever makes you happy

Life is too short. You can’t be stressed on things that you have no control over. He made me realize that it is okay to tone down. Rest for a while then once you know where you are going, head to that place. Everyone has his own timing. Just be yourself. It is okay to keep things for yourself. He also recommended a Netflix series which brought me a lot of changes.

What matters isn’t if people are good or bad. What matters is, if they’re trying to be better today than they were yesterday. You asked me where my hope comes from? That’s my answer – Michael, The Good Place S4 E6

That series changed my perspective on humanity and morality. From that day, I tried to be better everyday. Just living life with a purpose. Richard also was the one to open to me that travel is not always pretty. There were ups and downs too but we just need to enjoy the ride, stop if needed and then continue.

Three days in Budapest
Budapest Parliament

Three days in Budapest but learning for  a lifetime

I only spent 3 days in this lovely city. I know it was not enough but at the same time the life lessons I got from these 2 people has forever changed my way of thinking about life and travel.

How about you? What is your Budapest story? Let me know in the comment box.

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  1. Meaghan

    Sounds like you really connected with people there. That’s awesome!

    1. Edward Venzon

      Hello Meaghan, Thank you! It is nice to hear other people’s story. And these things are worth sharing. If I am inspired by them for sure others will too. Let’s keep inspiring. Cheers!

  2. Under Flowery Sky

    Wow your photos are so lovely and the stories of the people
    you met, more than Budapest..

    1. Edward Venzon

      Hi Gabi. Thank you! Indeed the place is magnificent but more than to that its the characters of the people in it that made Budapest a more interesting one!

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