It’s been one month since I came back to the Philippines. A month after leaving Kuwait, a country where I stayed for five years. What do I feel? This is my homecoming story.

This is my homecoming story
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The journey back home

Back to my home country. I spent five-day quarantine in a hotel arranged by the government. After finishing the five days, I did my fourteen days mandatory home quarantine. So technically, I spent almost three weeks just self-isolating.

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Pandemic changed things

I am glad to be back. Especially now that the Christmas season has started. At first, I was a bit worried. Since the virus cases are soaring up. There seems no end to this pandemic. The changes in the Philippines surprised me. In addition to the effects of the pandemic. The malls that were usually packed with people during these months were mostly empty. Inside the mall, some restaurants are closed. While those who are open observed strict health protocols. Log sheets were made available at the entrance for contact tracing. Alcohol and foot sanitization is a must too.

Churches are open but running at a limited capacity. Public transportation is on the run to but half the total capacity. Some businesses are still close. The economy is not open in full swing. And the unemployment rate hit the Philippines. Indeed, the pandemic has changed the way of life in the Philippines. But we still hope for the best.

One month after, what do I feel?

Anyways, aside from the massive changes brought by the pandemic. What else do I feel a month after coming home?

To be honest? I felt happy and excited. Happy that I am spending time with my family. And excited about the good things to come. I am looking forward to all the blessings to come. The house that I purchased is about to be ready to move in. It is one thing that excites me more.

I am happy too that I will be spending the holidays this year in the Philippines. All the Christmas and New year gap will be filled.

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This is my homecoming story
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Future plans

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, I am still optimistic about the things that will happen. As well, I am excited to try new things too. That will take me out of my comfort zone. I am planning to do a biking trip to North Luzon once everything calms down. I bought a tent to do camping. The fact that I will do a solo adventure in my home country gives me undeniable happiness. This is the time to share my people’s story.

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Now that I am back in the Philippines, and while the world stands still. It should be best to always bite into the bright side. In addition, Let us hope that there is an end to this global chaos. I am done with my first month back here and looking forward to spending the rest of the year.

How about you? Have you tried going back to your country after spending years outside of it? What do you feel? How did you cope back? Do we share the same thoughts in your homecoming story?Let me know down.


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