It was exactly three years ago when I did my first solo trip. I clearly remembered June of 2017 when I did that trip of a lifetime. Fast forward today, after 14 countries, did I enjoy solo traveling?

Solo traveling
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The idea of solo traveling

At first, I was hesitant to do solo trips. To think that you will be in a foreign land alone makes me shiver. I am scared. But then when you are at the edge of your comfort zone, you only have two choices. Either go back inside or jump in the open unknowing where to land.

For me, I decided to take the latter. I jumped and opened a new world. It was frightening. I don’t know where to start. Afraid of what will be the outcome nevertheless I tried. Solo traveling allowed me to explore endless possibilities. To discover more of myself and to see that there is more to life.

Why did I do it?

But what pushed me to that choice? The answer was that I do not have a choice. No one told me to try it. I just do not have someone to travel with and see this beautiful planet. If I do have the opportunity, of course, to go solo or travel with someone. I will go on traveling with someone. The convenience of doing the itinerary. Savings you will get from splitting the cost of accommodation. The fun of eating together and drinking together. And the entertainment of sharing beautiful destinations. 

What did it contribute to me?

However, the concept of solo traveling gave me that chance to learn and grow. I learned to trust myself because I do not have someone to rely on. Those trips have taught me that there are no right and wrong choices. That there is only a better option. It taught me how to save money. How to spend every penny wisely. And how to make the most out of it. An example was my Georgia trip. Flying through Qatar airways gave me the chance to do a layover in Doha and see this beautiful city. Even though the airfare was a bit pricey but I got the most out of it.

During my first few solo trips, I eagerly planned my itinerary. I am having my daily things to do. Attractions and sites to see but as time goes by, I just learned to enjoy the present and not worrying about what will happen tomorrow. I just learned to go with the flow and forgot those planned itineraries. Ironically it was just funny that I almost got denied entry to the Netherlands because of not having a planned itinerary. 

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Solo traveling

Did I learn?

Solo traveling gave me the shot in overcoming my fear. The fear of talking to strangers. I don’t know that I am missing a lot. That these souls around me have a bunch of stories to tell. They have their tales to share. Stories that can inspire others. Especially the people who are lost. These are stories that will make you appreciate things that you have taken granted for. 

Doing these trips made me grow as a person. Spiritually, I learned to understand other peoples’ faith. Countless churches, cathedrals, mosques, and temples opened my eyes to respect other beliefs more. It helped me strengthen my own belief too. Because if I am confused I only sit quietly and pray to my God. Socially. It gave me the fortune to understand people well. The fortune to bond with different people from all walks of life. I enjoyed my time when I went to a bar in Vienna without knowing someone and just sat on a table with a group of different people.

Solo traveling has its ups and downs

But do I enjoy doing these solo trips? The answer is no. Indeed, I have the convenience of going where I want to go. The luxury of eating where I want to eat and sleep where I want to sleep. But the thoughts of having to do all of these alone made me feel pity for myself. It gave me immeasurable stress. 

Do I regret it? Definitely not. Solo traveling gave me this endless opportunity to continue to expand my knowledge. To test myself to the limits and see how far I can go. And it opened the doors for me to fully understand myself and the full potential I can be. Besides, it paved the road to my self-discovery. To completely know what I want and where I want to be.

A solo man running in Sarajevo Bosnia


Solo traveling is not easy just like it seems. Furthermore, it is not as fun as it looks. But I advise that one should try doing solo traveling even once. I have not seen the whole world but just a fraction of it. And I wanted others to see the beauty of solo traveling like what I saw.  I wanted others to grow to their full potential too. Life is short. The world is small. Let us inspire and be inspired.

Somewhere down the road, someone might be lost too and he is just waiting for us. For our stories, experiences in life, and learning. He is just waiting to be inspired and find his real purpose in life. So let us change this world because, at the end of the day, we are all on our solo travel in this crazy ride called LIFE. 


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  1. Meaghan

    I agree – life is short and everyone should probably try solo-travel at least once! But having travelled with my partner for most of my trips I can’t imagine doing them without him. Especially with anxiety and things like that, it may be too much for some people. Or maybe not, who knows until you try, I guess!

    1. Edward Venzon

      Exactly. We get to live once. Oh I think it depends on whom are you with. I traveled to Turkey with my ex-partner now we enjoyed a lot. But when I traveled to Taiwan with one of my closest friends. Geez I would rather go solo traveling ahhaha

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