End of my new year holiday

After spending the new year’s eve in Cologne Germany I took a flight to this city. Just like Budapest and Prague, Vienna has been in my bucket list. It is the right city to end my holiday believing there are a lot of reasons to enjoy Vienna.

I immediately went to look for my Airbnb. The location was not that far from the center. My host was responsive and gave me clear instructions how to get to his place. Price-wise it was reasonable. If you wanted to have that local feel check airbnb. Get your $35.00 from your first booking by signing up with this Airbnb link.

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Reasons to visit Vienna
Hofburg Imperial Palace

First glance

As far as I remember it was just three in the afternoon but the sun starts to set. The weather was chilly. I just felt lazy and stayed the whole night in my flat.  I got hungry and grabbed something for dinner. But to my surprise almost all the shops were already close. Good thing there are a few small shops who are still open.

I walked a bit, roamed my eyes and  barely saw people outside maybe because of the weather. I just spent the rest of the night back in my flat and thinking that I made the wrong choice to end my trip here. My close friend Anne and I were on the telephone and I suggested that she should skip Vienna as there is nothing to see.

Vienna at second glance

The next day I woke up with a bit of disappointment. I was not excited to roam around so I opened couchsurfing and tried to meet with a fellow traveler. I saw one Filipino who was solo traveling too and sent him a message if he wanted to meet but he was on his way to Salzburg. So we just decided to meet each other by night and he just told me things to see in Vienna.

I took his suggestions and roamed around the city. By that time I saw the real Vienna. Vienna is such a lovely city. Full of arts and romance everywhere. It was having American at a Starbucks near St. Stephen’s Cathedral. At that time I had eaten all my words against Vienna. 

Reasons to visit Vienna
St. Stephen Cathedral

Vienna is such a charming city. You can just get lost on the streets and be fascinated with the architecture. There is this romantic ambiance in the air. Which made me feel a bit sad. Vienna is for sharing. Yes you can do solo traveling but for me Vienna is for couples. 

Vienna is like a city made by Cupid. A city of Aphrodite. This is one of the reasons why I didn’t enjoy Vienna. It is just too romantic and unfit for solo travel.

Vienna is an artist’s haven

Vienna’s architecture is of great wonder. The buildings, the sculptures and the facades amazed me. Vienna is home to a number of theaters too. The opera, musicals and arts are must see. I did not have the chance to see one production as I told you I am traveling alone and will not enjoy it. That is another reason why I did not like Vienna. It is too artistic.

Reasons to visit Vienna

Vienna has vibrant nightlife

The city’s night life is a different thing. Pubs lined up and packed with travelers and locals. For someone who is not into crowded places you should avoid this part. I got the opportunity to spend time with a bunch of travelers in Vienna and I did enjoy the short time I had with them.

I was with this Filipino guy whom I had shared my stories with. He is another inspiring soul. His work etiquette, his effort and his love for his family have inspired me.  

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Vienna’s city lights

I had the opportunity to meet 2 residents in Vienna. The first one was the Bosnian guy studying in Vienna. He showed me part of the city, Vienna’s Christmas market. It was my first time to go to a Christmas market. I did not have the opportunity to see it in Cologne because it closed immediately. In Vienna’s night market I had the chance to try the mulled wine. I liked it. It was my first time to try the hot wine. 

The Madame Tussauds wax museum is located as well in the amusement park in Wiener Prater. Still packed with people, the place is a must see in Vienna.

Wiener park

Another resident showed me a different side of Vienna. He brought me to a hill and on top you will have a magnificent view of Vienna’s city lights. It was a windy and freezing night. Deep inside I am telling myself that I did not go wrong in choosing Vienna as part of my trip.

As a solo traveler, I had a lot of reasons not to enjoy Vienna. I promised to go back to Vienna once I found my other half. For me, Vienna is not just a charming city but Vienna is a city of art, allure and intimacy. 

Have you visited Vienna? What was your first impression? Let me know.


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  1. Meaghan

    It’s a shame that you couldn’t enjoy Vienna as much solo, but like you say it will probably be better once you’ve found someone to share it with! Maybe me and my partner should go here, we’ve never considered it 🤔😂

    1. Edward Venzon

      Yeah!! I think it is the set up itself! Vienna+Christmas holidays+winter= perfect scenario. Totally not recommended for solo travelers. LOL

  2. LifeInPostcards

    I visited Vienna with two friends (one of which I am now dating) in 2018 and I have to agree that I think it is a city best seen with others, though it is absolutely stunning! I hope you are able to go back someday with someone special!

    1. Edward Venzon

      Wow! Lovely. I am happy for you. Yeah, I promised myself that I will come back to Vienna with the one.

  3. Vinn

    Vienna is so spectacular, I visited during Christmas time and I love the markets. Definitely going back and this time I will watch a musical concert.

    1. Edward Venzon

      Yes! I’ll put that in my bucket list too. For sure I will go back to Vienna and this time I will make sure that Ill appreciate the beauty of Vienna more

  4. I only had one day in Vienna and my first impression was that it is a beautiful city and that I’ll have to go back and explore the place. I’ll keep in mind that it’s not a city to travel solo to!

    1. Edward Venzon

      Yeah. There were cities good for solo travel and cities good for couples or groups. Just so happened Vienna is better when you have someone. I promise myself the next time I will visit Vienna I will not be alone.

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