Hello everyone! It’s been two months since I took a hiatus from my blogging. As we all know, Life has been uncertain at these trying times. Nevertheless, I am back, and here are my life updates during the pandemic.

What is life now?

Unsplash photo by Danielle Austria

Travel blogging has been difficult during the pandemic. Where everyone is confined to their own homes and has limited movement in order to lessen the possible transmission of the virus. On that note, it is a bit hard to make content to write. Who else agrees with this?

It is a good thing for me that the past couple of weeks, I got the opportunity to travel to Zambales. A province north of Manila, located in Central Luzon. This province is known for its beaches. If you wanted a quick escape from the busy life of the capital.

While doing the paperwork for the house that we got in the province, I had the chance to explore Olongapo city. I stayed in the central part of the city near the bus terminal. As usual, I booked the room using Agoda for great discounts. If you want to enjoy the same discounts I had, click the link.

Moreover, I discovered ShopBack. By using ShopBack, I got to receive cashback on certain purchases using my favorite websites. If you wanna learn about ShopBack, follow the link and receive your first P100.00 by signing up.

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Back to my hobby

Aside from fixing the paper works for the newly bought house. I am going back to my first hobby too, playing a flute recorder. I used to play this instrument back when I was studying in my primary years. Every day, during those years, I kept on practicing. But now, Since I haven’t held the instrument for 15 years, I already forgot to play.

 Nevertheless, it is still fun. It was like going back to zero and starting from scratch. The same thing with life, when it gives you a hundred reasons to stumble, you got a thousand reasons to get up.

Pandemic and My Life Updates
Unsplash photo by dorothee-kraemer


This pandemic also gave me a new hobby. And that is gardening. Unlike others who prefer ornamental plants, I chose to grow my own herbs. This is a new thing for me. I am not a green thumb. In fact, I bought a lot of seeds, and right now only the dill is growing. It is quite disappointing to see small seedlings die. However, I still had the hope that sooner or later I will have a full blown herbal garden.

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Unsplash photo by pille-riin-priske

What’s coming?

Now I also have a lot of time to watch series and news. These things keep me up all night. I like this series Emily in Paris. At least, even if we can’t travel , we can still have a glimpse of Paris. 

So there you go, those are some of my life updates during the pandemic. I am preparing some new things too and I hope I can share it sooner.

Though, some of us still can’t travel, we have lots of things to do. And while we can’t travel, we can plan for our future travels. Hopefully next year, the world can bounce back to its previous life. 



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