On my previous blog, I have written the activities that are on my bucket list. This time, I came up with my top 10 bucket list destinations that I wanted to visit in the future. It is not my goal to visit all the countries but I wanted to see as much what the world has to offer.

My top 10 list bucket destinations
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Bucket list destination

Here are my top 10 bucket list destinations in no particular order.

  1. Israel
  2. Iran
  3. Lebanon
  4. Morocco
  5. India
  6. Finland
  7. Norway
  8. Greece
  9. Cuba
  10. Mexico

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As a Christian, Israel has been on my bucket list. It is the birthplace of my faith. And I need to see it before I leave this earth. I want to witness the same place where Jesus Christ walked the earth. Aside from that, a quick detour on Israeli beaches is a good idea.


One of the kindest and most hospitable are the Persians. Given that reason, I added Iran to my list. Iran is one of the cradles of civilization. I wanted to explore its colorful mosque and try Persian food.  The cities of Tehran, Esfahan, and Shiraz is like inviting me to explore them

My top 10 list bucket destinations
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The natural wonder, old souks, and real middle eastern vibes. Lebanon is my dream destination. Aside from these, I wanted to experience the nightlife in Beirut. But before visiting Lebanon, I have to plan it carefully. In my case, I need to arrange a visa beforehand that takes a long process due to the needed pre-approval from Lebanese immigration.


A country in northern Africa. Working in Kuwait made me exposed to this country. It was an unfamiliar one before but after meeting Moroccans in Kuwait, it had opened my eyes to a very good travel documentary by Karl Watson that will truly show what Morocco has to offer.


What fascinates me about India is its cultural diversity. India as a country has tons of things to do from North to South. I wanted to try its local cuisines, see the Taj Mahal, and experience beach life in Goa. Cities such as Delhi and Mumbai are always a good choice for me. Aside from these reasons, India is the birthplace of Bollywood. Oh, and yes, I wanted to experience the Holi festival firsthand in India.

My top 10 list bucket destinations
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There are a lot of reasons to visit Finland. I would like to see this country because of the Aurora Borealis. The infamous Northern lights. As you all know, I love winter. Resulting to my fascination about Finland be in my bucket list. Well aside from that, several national parks can be visited in this country. Santa Claus is also living in Finland. Another reason to look forward to visiting Finland.

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Is there any reason not to visit Norway? Aside from it being one of the happiest countries in the world, Norway is one of the safest countries too. Just like Finland, Norway is a good option to see the northern lights. Norway has the best tasting Salmon too. I would love to do camping in one of the Norwegian parks or experience the twenty-four-hour darkness during the winter.


Enough of the winter destinations. Moving to the next country on my list, Greece. I wanted to visit this country to fully experience the Mediterranean summer. By exploring Santorini and watching the sunset from the island. Greece is packed with history and culture too. One of the greatest empires to have existed on earth. They have made significant contributions. I think, if I will visit Greece, I would be very much interested again with their mythology.


Music, salsa, and beaches. These are the things that are coming to my mind when I thought about Cuba. With its laidback life and preserved colonial architectures, Cuba is indeed a must-visit country. It has 7 UNESCO world heritage sites to visit as well. The only thing that keeps me away from Cuba is the distance. Literally, on the other side of the planet.


The land of Tacos and Tequila. Mexico, just like Cuba is a bit far from me being based in the Philippines. But Mexico’s beaches keep me dreaming of visiting the country one day. Culturally and historically wealthy. Documentaries about Mayans and Aztecs add to the burning desire for me to visit this country.

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The world truly is a big place. And a lot of countries are still missing in this list. However, these are the top 10 bucket list destinations. I am hoping to visit shortly. We all have our preferences. What about you? What countries are in your bucket list? And why? Let me know.


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  1. Matt

    Hope you get to see them all! Morocco definitely deserves its place on the list – such a diverse and colourful country!

    1. Edward Venzon

      And because of that… I am so curious now about Morocco.:)

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