Hello everyone! It’s been months since we were all locked up in our homes. And most of us are now gradually going back to the new normal. Though international travel, if not essential, should be avoided. Right now, all we can do is to walk down the memory lane. So, I am sharing with you my five most memorable travel photos. Each with a story to tell.

     1. The scorching heat of Doha’s summer

I got the chance to spend a 12-hour layover at Doha en route to Tbilisi last 2018. It was September and the temperature in the middle east was at its highest. Arrival time was at 5 am and I stayed in the airport until 8 am waiting for a friend. We did the usual tour. I am no tourist in the middle east because I am living in another gulf state, but setting foot in another country still excites me.

It was noontime, while we were strolling, I felt sick. I lost my vision and felt the heaviness on my head. Almost passed out because of the summer heat. From that moment, I learned the value of travel insurance. Just in case something happened to you, there is a plan that can cover you. And yes, rule of the thumb, hydrate yourself, rest properly, and don’t brave middle east’s noontime heat. If I was unlucky at that time, I could have spent the next days in a hospital and not in Georgia.

Travel photos
Doha Qatar


  1. The city which I promised to go back

May of 2019, when I visited Muscat, Oman. The usual thing, I arrived early at the airport coming from an early morning flight. You know, flights at this time are usually less expensive. At first glance, I was quickly caught by Omani hospitality. They are one of the kindest and hospitable Arabs. It was around 8 am or 9 am when I decided to take a cab going to my hotel. That time I was not sure if they would allow early check-in, because the usual check-in time is at 15:00.

Luckily, they did. That picture was the view from my room. I just stayed in my hotel room for the whole 24-hour trip. Muscat is a charming city but I just felt lazy to roam around. So I decided to stay in the hotel. And the funny thing was I kept telling my friends that I enjoyed roaming around the city, and they should visit it too. To sum it up, I pretended. LOL! You know vacations are the best time to get lazy.

Travel photos
Muscat, Oman
  1. First-ever solo travel

The photo below was my first solo trip. Taken in Istanbul, Turkey. The place was so special to me that I kept going back. I hardly imagined that an introverted boy would come out of his comfort zone. Talking to random strangers, joining a group of tourists, eating alone trying local dishes, and a whole lot more. This trip has changed my whole being.

This particular photo was the first time I got to share stories with people I met along the way. Somehow, it boosted my self-esteem. They taught me how to be comfortable during your most uncomfortable times.

Travel photos
Istanbul, Turkey
  1. Freezing new year

The photo was taken in front of Cologne, Cathedral. Magnificent as it looks but the story behind was a bit dramatic for me. Imagine the set-up. Freezing new year’s eve countdown, you are surrounded by a group of friends, couples together and families spending time with each other. It should be a festive night but I spent it alone. Technically, I am with my host but I just missed my loved ones at that time.

It just taught me that travel is not always pretty. I wrote a completely different post for that story and I am linking it below.

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Cologne, Germany
  1. Separation anxiety

This was the last photo I took in Turkey with my ex-partner. We were still okay at that time. I had a wonderful holiday. It was our last day in our hotel while having breakfast. I took a shot of this. That day was my first ever snowfall so it was so memorable. Imagine the inner kid inside me was so happy.

It was also the day of my departure from Turkey. While queueing at the immigration counter, I was literally crying. Picture a small kid that you bullied and take the candy away from him. Imagine how he cries? That’s me while in the queue at the immigration.  I was so sad to leave my partner who was based in Turkey. And for a week, I kept on crying like I was broken-hearted. Separation anxiety killed me badly.

Travel photos

My learning

Travel photos are the best way to collect memorabilia from our travels. The beauty of a moment, be

it a happy one or a bad one is completely documented. As the saying goes…

Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but photos. Kill nothing but time.

What about you? Where was your most memorable travel photos taken? Share the story behind it. Comment it below.


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