Inat Kuća 

It is a strange name, right? But Sarajevo’s Inat Kuca is one infamous icon and a must place to see in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I was doing the city tour with this local Bosnian guy I met when we came across this restaurant. Inat Kuća is a famous restaurant now in Sarajevo. The restaurant is located in Stari Grad municipality where Bascarsija is situated.

This part of the city is closed to all the attractions. Mostly all accessible by walk only. When I saw this restaurant my new found friend told me a very interesting story about this restaurant. Which I can relate by myself.

The building dates back a century ago. Back then Austro-Hungarian empire ruled the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They wanted a piece of land in Sarajevo to build a library and municipal hall. So they demolished all the buildings on that side of the river.

Must see place in Bosnia
Sarajevo City Hall


It was going into the plan until the officials came across one old Bosnian guy who refused to demolish his house. He refused to let go of the house even after he was offered a sum of money worth more than his property. This shows that this guy can’t be bribed and has his affirmation on things that were important to him.

Spiritual place

Stories have it that this house was his spiritual place that is why it is so important to him. After a long negotiation The man said yes. He agreed to sell his property on that side of the river but to one condition. Aside from a lot of gold he will move his house on to the other side of the river.

So as per the agreement the city workers moved the house on to the other side of the river. Brick by brick, everything was intact. The old guy just watched the people moving his property. Until finally one day everything was done.


House of Spite

The house was then named Inat Kuća or “House of Spite” From that moment, the house had its mark in the city’s history. His defiance had saved his spiritual place. Now this place serves traditional Bosnian menu.

Inat Kuca – House of Spite

If you want something go for it

I know we can all relate to the story of the guy. Sometimes stubbornness is a good thing. If we truly want something  we should go for it. Even if it is a David and Goliath story or even it is impossible because who knows we might have it tomorrow.


We only lived once and this life of ours is just a short period. That is why we must do what we love. At the end of the day, regret is worse than failure. Failing means you have tried something. You may not succeed but at least you tried. While regret means you did not do something. 

I hope we all got something from the story of the Bosnian guy and Inat Kuca. That sometimes stubbornness is not bad at all. Sometimes we just need to stick to what we want.  And make sure to check this must-see place in Bosnia



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