Turquoise water, ancient ruins, cloudless and vibrant sky. A picture of a perfect summer. That is why Antalya is one of  Turkey’s most visited place.


Back in summer 2017, I booked a ticket to Turkey. My favorite country, see here to know why. It was Ramadan (Islam’s holy month), landing in Istanbul was a bit surprising. They got a chilly weather far from what I expected as hot summer. I stayed for 7 good days and got a flight to Antalya, Turkey’s top attraction.

As soon as I got out of the airport, the sunny weather amazed me. My friend fetched me and we drove directly to Aspendos.

Aspendos, the ancient Greco-Roman city.

A 35 minute drive from Antalya airport. The road to Aspendos  was a good one. You will have the feeling of a laid back life. Out of the hustle and bustle of Istanbul. Aspendos was an ancient city located 40 kms away from the modern Antalya, Turkey. The ancient city is well-known for its best-preserved theatre that can sit 12,000 spectators.

Kaleici, heart of Antalya

We then headed to Old Harbour in order for us get some dinner. This is one of the most popular spot in Antalya. The smell of ocean breeze, boats that were docked, locals and tourists and a number of restaurants were common things.

Old Harbour
Old Harbour

After having dinner we roamed around the old town wherein you can go inside those small streets and just get lost additionally the area has lots of boutique hotels too.

Here you can see Hadrian’s gate. The only remaining gate of the ancient city.

Hadrian's gate
Hadrian’s gate

Termessos – Eagle’s eye view.

The second day was a packed one. We started the trip by going to Termessos. I am warning you, this ancient city is a bit different.

Termessos was strategically located 1000 meters above sea level but since location was on a great altitude the climb was a bit tough. On top it will give you a panoramic view of the land.  The most noticeable landmark was the theatre . Termessos has 6 temples too and a marketplace.


Olympos, complex of tree houses and pebbled beach

After the steep climb, time to wind down on the beach side. Olympos was a city in ancient Lycia. Aside from the ancient remains what I like about Olympos was the beach side. It has cold blue water for those who wanted to swim moreover it has pebbled beach side wherein you can just sun bathe and drink a bottle of beer.

There were a complex of tree houses too where in you can have snack and just chill. In addition it is a good place where in you can have talk with other tourists too.

Olympos beach
Olympos beach

Chimaera’s wonder, Flaming rocks

Just 7 kms away from the pebbled beach and tree house complex is another mountain to climb, Mt. Chimaera. You can skip this part if you are tired of climbing ancient sites and other mountains but we decided to see this place as I have not seen anything like this.

The flames were coming out from the rocks. It was unusual thing to think of however it did not amaze me that much that is why I forgot to take pictures. Forgive me, though you can check it on lonely planet’s site how does the mountain look like.

Phaselis, wealthy ancient city

Another ancient city that played an important role years ago, Phaselis. It has been a commercial city of various countries during the ancient times. Today, it is an astonishing site of ancient ruins particularly Roman baths and markets or agoras.


Kemer seaside resorts

This part of Antalya was one of my favorite. It was a pretty clean place where rows of 5 star hotels were built. It boasted a number of bars, restaurant and cafes as well its beaches. This spot of Antalya was preferred mostly by German and Russian tourists.


Antalya is one of my beloved city in Turkey. It is a mix of everything from those steep mountains to important historical ruins. Natural attractions such as beaches up to crowded bars and restaurants.Indeed, Antalya is one of Turkey’s most visited place.

Have you visited Antalya? Did you like climbing mountains? Or swimming its turquoise water? What is your favorite thing to do in Antalya? Let me know your thoughts below.

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    Yes, Antalya is the best city in Turkey. Historical places, ancient cities, theathers,sea and sun..
    Thank you for adviced on Facebook travelling group, too.

    1. Edward Venzon

      Yes Fahriye, If I will be given a chance again to see any city in Turkey that would be Antalya. The place is just amazing. It made me forget all my troubles. 🙂

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